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 Since its inception, we aim to create a model in a more professional and innovative style. "CM" brand represents the perfect products and services, the company in 2014 through the ISO9000-2000 version of quality system certification.

The quality policy of the company is

100% flawless quality, satisfactory service.

The company's quality objectives are

Customer satisfaction reached 90%

The rate of acceptance of products is higher than 99.9% at one time

The qualified rate of finished products is up to 100%

In order to achieve the overall quality target, the quality objectives of each part are decomposed

Quality department: the inspection error rate is below 1%, the instrument verification rate is 100%, and the product delivery rate is 100%

Health products: the equipment is in good condition more than 95%, the defective products and unqualified rate are less than 2%, and the production plan completion rate is 100%

Technical department: provide technical support, timeliness 100%, solve problems 100%

Purchasing department: purchase pass rate of 98% or more, feedback processing rate of 100%, timely procurement, arrival rate of 95%

Administration: document keeping error rate is less than 1%, employee training rate is above 90%
















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